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Help support the annual Supernova Invitational.

Proceeds support the Linn-Mar Choral Music Program.


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Colette Webster-Moore


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Our final performance In-Step! https://t.co/TCr2UYGEBe
- Sunday Jan 15 - 4:56am

Our final finalist. Spectrum. https://t.co/pEJojKNOfs
- Sunday Jan 15 - 4:22am

Our penultimate finalist Good Time Company! https://t.co/ZYbK6GvDsh
- Sunday Jan 15 - 3:46am

Our next finalist Studio 2017! https://t.co/PEeEyGxhKW
- Sunday Jan 15 - 3:17am

Our next finalist Happiness! https://t.co/KZXVS6Dnjp
- Sunday Jan 15 - 2:46am

Our first finalist Momentum! https://t.co/seAcf3HPSM
- Sunday Jan 15 - 2:21am

Our prep champs Eternal Rush! https://t.co/IdL5ipAYq4
- Sunday Jan 15 - 2:02am

Our hosts. 10th St edition! https://t.co/eq4sDnJk1Q
- Sunday Jan 15 - 1:30am

One of Our host choir. High Style! https://t.co/9yuyHyOfR6
- Saturday Jan 14 - 11:38pm

Welcome from Ankeny Centennial Spectrum! https://t.co/kcWhnmIYaw
- Saturday Jan 14 - 11:06pm