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10th Street Edition



10th Street Edition is an auditioned show choir that is open to 10-12 grade students. The Show Choir consists of 57 singers, 17 instrumentalists and 9 crew members. This year, 10th Street Edition will attend four competitions. Along with Hi-Style and In Step, 10th Street Edition hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational:  Supernova. 10th Street Edition is choreographed by April James, Lexi Robson, and Braxton Carr; is arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Trent Buglewicz. This year’s show—set in the year 2048—imagines a society where social interaction as we know it has ceased to exist – the people of this world rely exclusively on their cellular devices for communication. Each month, they check in to the Genesis clinic, where they willfully undergo anesthesia to experience an alternative reality that offers a form of human connection they have come to believe is impossible in the real world. In this story, a malfunction of the Genesis technology forces its participants to understand their world in a whole new way.

Song List

“Welcome To The Rock” soloists Alex Drahos, Josie Brendes, Evan Berry, and Cavan O’Hara
“Comatose” soloists Alex Drahos, Josie Brendes, Evan Berry, and Cavan O’Hara
“Shiny Happy People”
“Catch The Fly”
“One Second and a Million Miles” soloists Josie Brendes and Evan Berry

In Step




In Step is an auditioned show choir open to 9-12 grade students and is one of three show choirs at Linn-Mar High School. The show choir consists of 76 singers, 18 instrumentalists, and 12 crew members. This year’s show is about the creation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. In 1943, a majority of America’s professional baseball players left to fight in World War II, thus threatening the existence of professional baseball. To keep America’s favorite pastime alive, the girls’ league was created. A monumental moment in history, this league was the first women’s professional athletic league to exist in America. Though some doubted whether girls could play the game and draw crowds large enough to sustain a league, the women’s teams captured America’s heart and went on to play for nine seasons. In Step is choreographed by Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Jaclyn Ohnemus.

In Step Song List

“Six Months Out Of Every Year” soloists Tejas Gururaja and Maddie Nuss
“I Hope I Get It / Something Big” soloists Grayson Block and Ashley Wernimont
“Not Your Way”
“One Moment In Time” soloists Makenna Budke and Brena Ollinger
“Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend”


Hi Style



Linn-Mar High School’s Hi-Style is an auditioned show choir that is open to 9-12th grade treble voices. Hi-Style consists of 77 singers, 16 instrumentalists and 9 crew members. This year, Hi-Style will attend four competitions in addition to their annual “Get in the Spirit” performance at Linn-Mar High School. Along with 10th Street Edition and In Step, Hi-Style hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational, Supernova. Hi-Style is choreographed by Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Sarah Anderson. This year’s show tells the story of a young woman seeking fame and celebrity. But when she achieves her goal and becomes a mega-star, the reality is much more difficult than she expects, and she begins to crack under the pressure. Our “Star” must decide what is most important: Do you conform to the expectations of the crowd or be true to who you are?

Song List

“Let Me Be Your Star”
“Paparazzi” soloist Kyra Kanz
“The Show Must Go On” soloist Kyra Kanz
“Who You Are” soloits Kyra Kanz
“Shake It Out” soloist Kyra Kanz

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