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10th Street Edition


10th Street Edition is an auditioned show choir that is open to 10-12 grade students. The Show Choir consists of 57 singers, 22 instrumentalists and 12 crew members. This year, 10th Street Edition will attend four competitions. Along with Hi-Style and In Step, 10th Street Edition hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational:  Supernova. 10th Street Edition is choreographed by April James and Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Trent Buglewicz. This year’s show is based on the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Set in 1892, the story discusses the time period’s unfortunate but normal treatment for people with mental illnesses…work deprivation, censored access to literature, and complete isolation. When Charlotte; our story’s main character, is isolated for months in a room with a hideous yellow wallpaper, her condition develops into a severe psychosis. She believes there are people hiding in the wallpaper and her only goal is to set them free.

Song List

A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight- The Serenaders

Happy Together- The Turtles

Soloists Ian Crumley, Emma Geneser, and Bryce Spencer

Original Song- Trent Buglewicz

Soloist Ian Crumley

Control- Halsey

Soloist Emma Geneser

Yellow Wallpaper- The Borderline Something

Soloist Emma Geneser

Days and Days- Jeanine Tesori

Soloist Emma Geneser

Smile- Mikky Ekko

Come into My Head– Kimbra

In Step



In Step is an auditioned show choir open to 9-12 grade students and is one of three show choirs at Linn-Mar High School. The show choir consists of 76 singers, 15 instrumentalists and 12 crew members. This year, In Step will attend four competitions and appear in multiple performances at Linn-Mar including the annual “Get in the Spirit” performance in December. Along with 10th Street Edition and Hi-Style, In Step hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational:  Supernova. This year’s show follows the journey of a young girl, Kimmy (played by Ella Crumley), as she is released after being kidnapped and held in captivity for 10 years. Wanting to find a new life for herself, she heads to New York City. Scared, alone and lost in the chaos of the big city, Kimmy feels like she doesn’t fit in until two new friends (played by Zoey Young and LeRoy Wilson) come along to help her out. In Step is choreographed by Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Jaclyn Ohnemus.

In Step Song List

I’m Coming Out- Diana Ross

Soloist: Ella Crumley

On My Way- Sutton Foster

Soloist: Ella Crumley

Welcome to New York/Welcome to the Jungle- Taylor Swift/Guns N’ Roses

Soloist: Ella Crumley

Gravity- Sara Bareilles

Soloist: Ella Crumley

 Popular- Kristen Chenoweth

Soloists: Zoey Young, LeRoy Wilson

Unbreakable- Mike Britt

Soloist: Isaac Langley

Hi Style


Linn-Mar High School’s Hi-Style is an auditioned show choir that is open to 9-12 grade treble voices. Hi-Style consists of 77 singers, 18 instrumentalists and 13 crew members. This year, Hi-Style will attend four competitions in addition to their annual “Get in the Spirit” performance at Linn-Mar High School. Along with 10th Street Edition and In Step, Hi-Style hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational, Supernova. Hi-Style is choreographed by Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Sarah Anderson. This year’s show tells the story of the 1990’s classic, “Hocus Pocus.” Two children are drawn to a mysterious spellbook and upon opening it, realize they have released three powerful witches. When the witches begin entrancing everyone around them, it’s up to the children to stop them before dawn breaks.

Song List

Superstition- Stevie Wonder

Back In Black- AC/DC

Soloists Aili Hill, Avery Merta, & Maddie Nuss

I Put A Spell On You- Jalacy Hawkins

Soloist Avery Merta

Come Little Children- James Horner

Soloists Maddie Nuss, Evalyn James, & Faith Johnson

Lights- Ellie Goulding

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