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10th Street Edition


10th Street Edition is an auditioned show choir that is open to 10-12 grade students. The Show Choir consists of 57 singers, 18 instrumentalists and 12 crew members. This year, 10th Street Edition will attend four competitions. In addition they will appear locally at “Get in the Spirit” and at the Fab Five performances in Cedar Rapids.  Along with Hi-Style and In Step, 10th Street Edition hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational:  Supernova. 10th Street Edition is choreographed by April James and Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Trent Buglewicz. This year’s show tells the story of Nellie Zabel Wilhite, the world’s first deaf person to earn a pilot’s license.  Nellie is played by a combination of two students; Delaney Ward will be performing the role on stage as Melaena Holm translates the sign language to text off-stage. Our story, set in 1928, relays the challenges faced – not only by a person who was deaf, but by an aspiring female pilot in general.

10th Street Edition Song List

Take Flight 

Soloists Ian Crumley and Daniel O’Hara


Come Fly with Me

Fly Away

Soloist Delaney Ward/Melaena Holm

She Can’t Fly

Ohio, 1904

Soloist Delaney Ward/Melaena Holm


Soloist Delaney Ward/Melaena Holm


Soloist Delaney Ward/Melaena Holm

In Step



In Step is an auditioned show choir open to 9-12 grade students and is one of three show choirs at Linn-Mar High School. The show choir consists of 69 singers, 17 instrumentalists and 13 crew members. This year, In Step will attend four competitions and appear in multiple performances at Linn-Mar including the annual “Get in the Spirit” performance in December. Along with 10th Street Edition and Hi-Style, In Step hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational:  Supernova. This year’s show tells the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch. Our show opens with soloist Ashton Knatz as she tempts our kingdom into thinking that money brings all happiness you could ever need. Our greedy king, Alex Hohbein, falls into this materialistic trap and he wishes for the power to turn everything to gold. King Midas is thrilled with his new power until he accidentally turns his beloved daughter to solid gold. Distraught and afraid he’s lost the most precious thing in his life, King Midas wishes to have this power taken away. Seeing his regret, our sorceress, Josie Brendes, grants his wish and everything turns back to normal. No longer blinded by their greed, King Midas and his kingdom feel brand new as they realized the love they have for each other is all they ever needed. In Step is choreographed by Lexi Robson, arranged by Steve Shanley, and is directed by Jaclyn Ohnemus.

In Step Song List

“Money/The Fame”

Soloists: Ashton Knatz, Alex Hohbein

“When You Wish Upon a Star”

Soloist: Alex Hohbein

“Dust and Ashes”
Soloist: Alex Hohbein

“When You Wish Upon a Star Reprise”

Soloists: Alex Hohbein, Josie Brendes

“Brand New”
Soloist: Alex Hohbein


Hi Style


This year marks the eleventh season for the Hi-Style Show Choir Ensemble at Linn-Mar! This season, Hi-Style will attend three competitions. In addition, they will appear locally at “Get in the Spirit” for Linn-Mar High School.  Along with 10th Street Edition and In Step, Hi-Style hosts the Linn-Mar Invitational, Supernova. Hi-Style is directed by Tyler Hagy, choreographed by Lexi Robson, and arranged by Steve Shanley.  Hi-Style strives to introduce young women into the world of show choir while establishing vocal technique, etiquette, and performance skills for the future. This year’s show tells the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Hi-Style Song List

“I Enjoy Being a Girl”

Soloist: Jaynie Kramer

“I Need Your Love”

“True Love’s Kiss”


Soloist: Ruthie Gustason

“Do My Thing”

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