Contest Rules (Please review these pages with your show choir)

The Linn-Mar Show Choir Invitational


  • All performers, including instrumentalists, must be students of the participating school listed on the official Certification Form.  The only exception will be an instructor playing an accompanying instrument. Awards eligibility will be dealt with on a case by case basis for groups using adult band members.
  • Choirs are free to present any type of performance they wish.  There is no  minimum or maximum number of songs a group must perform.  Music need not be provided for the judges.  The judge critique is not open to the public.
  • Directors may be on stage with their choirs and may direct if they wish.
  • No taped or recorded back-up music is allowed.  Sequenced and other pre-entered synthesized rhythms qualify as “recorded”.  The back-up ensemble is judged as an integral part of a group’s performance.
  • No group will be allowed to move their equipment onto the auditorium stage until the previous performing group has completely cleared the back stage area.
  • In order to avoid congestion following your performance, all equipment, including that which is carried by individual performers (e.g. hats, canes, or other props), must exit as directed by our stage crew and to your designated equipment holding area.
  • Fog or dry ice machines will be permitted; however, pyrotechnics, smoke, and other open flames are forbidden.
  • Your performance sequence will be:
    • Warm-Up in Choir Room
    • Performance in Auditorium
    • Critique with clinician in Media Center

You will have student hosts who will meet you upon arrival and guide you through the entire day.



All Awards and placements in every category throughout the day will be decided using a Consensus scoring system.

Finals Competition


6:30 – Auditorium

  • The finals performance order will be determined by a selection process including the 6 directors with groups in the finals. The 6 directors with groups in finals will meet to determine the rest of the finals order.  The director of the group in 1st place at the end of the day round will choose which of the performance slots they wish to compete in.  This selection process will continue in order of day time placement until all 6 finals performance slots are filled.
  • By 5:50 p.m. the returning show choirs are to have their equipment reorganized in their designated equipment space.
  • By 5:54 p.m. the group performing first is to be ready in its homeroom.  The hosts for this group will meet them to take the members to the warm-up room in the Auditorium.  At 6:00 p.m., the evening finals will begin with a performance by Linn-Mar Hi-Style.
  • The evening Master of Ceremonies will announce and the competing Open Class Finalists will proceed in order determined at the end of the daytime awards ceremony. Each choir will have 30 minutes to set-up, perform, and remove their special equipment.  After all groups have performed, the final ranking will be determined.
  • Following the exhibition performance by In Step at 9:30 p.m., the awards ceremony will take place in the downstairs main gym.  Please have representatives from your group available to receive awards.

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