Linn-Mar Will Provide

The Linn-Mar Show Choir Invitational

Linn-Mar High School will provide:

  • In the performance area, we will supply 4’ x 8’ Stageright platforms at 8”, 16”, 24”, and 32” (4 at each level).  You may add platforms to suit your needs.  The platforms will be set back 10’ from the mic line.  Our platforms may not be moved.
  • A video of your group will be provided at no extra charge.
  • Cafeteria:  Food will be available for purchase during the entire invitational. Note: This includes breakfast.
  • Food is NOT allowed to be brought into our school during our invitational.  Food is NOT allowed to be consumed in homerooms at any time. Food and beverages are NOT allowed to be brought into the Auditorium or Little Theatre. Food must be consumed in the food sales area.
  • Five cordless microphones will be in the performance area.

In order to better assure that your soloists mics will be ready, we are requiring that each group have a person at the sound board to identify where each solo is located and when the soloist will perform.

One of your hosts will help direct your sound person to the sound booth.

  • A piano will be in the warm-up choir room.
  • Director/Chaperone/Bus Driver hospitality room.  This room will be open all day with food, quiet, and privacy. Great food and hospitality!  Be sure to check it out!
  • Homerooms.  These can be used for storage, pre-warm up (no piano supplied), dressing, and relaxing.  Hall monitors will be available to lock your homeroom during your performance sequence.  At all other times, YOU MUST provide your own chaperones to supervise your homeroom.  Upon departure, please help by cleaning your space.  Our hosts will be available with trash bags.  Reminder:  NO FOOD in the homerooms.
  • Additional Storage. Groups will be able to store large set pieces in our Band Room. In special cases, we have a small bit of room backstage if it would benefit us time-wise to store things there. These spaces will be available for storage the morning of the event and the night before.
  • One program per family will be available at no charge with paid admission.
  • Workshop immediately following your performance.  In this session, the critique judge will work with each group on their concerns about the show. The critique is not open to the public.
  • Music stands, two amps, and a piano will be available in the warm-up room.
  • Music Stands and Chairs will be available on stage for your performance.
  • Each performing group will be given 5 wristbands for the director to distribute at their discretion to bus drivers or assistant directors. Please contact us if you think you’ll need more!
  • There will be an awards ceremony following the Daytime Competition on Saturday afternoon.  There will also be an awards ceremony following the Finals Competition on Saturday night.  Both of these ceremonies will be held in the High School Gymnasium.
  • Please have student representatives of your group available to receive awards at the awards ceremonies that apply to your group.

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