Welcome to Supernova


Dear Director:

Linn-Mar High School would like to extend a very warm and friendly welcome to Supernova 2022.  We hope that all is going well for you during the early stages of your show choir season.  We are excited to have you and your students participate in our invitational and hope that it provides an enjoyable experience that includes valuable feedback for your use in improving your performance.  We have had a wonderful response from those wishing to participate.

During our Daytime Competition there will be three Scoring Judges who will use an objective scoring system to determine placement in the Ninth Grade, Unisex, Prep and Open classifications. There will be two clinic judges rotating to offer critiques to performing choirs in the day round immediately following their performances.  There will be a Band Judge during the Prep and Open competitions to select the Best Band Caption for those two divisions.    Our scoring judges will select the Best Female and Best Male Soloists in the Prep and Open Class Divisions during the day round. An additional judge and one of the Clinic Judges will join the three Scoring Judges to evaluate the Saturday evening finals. All groups are eligible for finals.

There will be two awards ceremonies at Supernova:

A ceremony following the daytime competition will present awards as follows

  • Treble Division – Treble Division Grand Champion, 2nd place, 3rd place, and 4th place.
  • Prep Division – Prep Grand Champion through 5th place, plus captions for Best Band (Treble division included) , Best Choreography, Best Vocals, and two Best Solo awards (Treble division included)
  • Open Class will recognize all choirs of the day, plus caption awards for two Best Soloists and Best Band. Our donation-based People’s Choice Award will also be given.

Saturday night Open Class Finals Competition Awards will present trophies for Grand Champion through 6th place, plus Best Choreography, and Best Vocals in the evening ceremony.

Please submit information, including your group picture, using the link to the form that was emailed to you. Please complete the narrative information  by December 2, 2021 and have your photo by December 18, 2021 If you do not have your formal photo by that date please consider using a candid photo to fill the spot.  Our deadline is to ensure your information can be placed in the program.  Please submit all necessary documents according to the deadline so we can make the day run as smoothly as possible.

GOOD LUCK in the remaining weeks prior to the Supernova: The Linn-Mar Show Choir Invitational and in your preparation for your holiday activities.  We are looking forward to seeing you and your groups on January 12, 2019.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.


 Trent Buglewicz
LMHS Choral Director
(319) 447-4881
Jaclyn Ohnemus
LMHS Choral Director
(319) 447-3103
Sarah Anderson
LMHS Choral Director
(319) 447-3101

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Final Results: 6th Place: Marion New Creation 5th Place: Jefferson Westside Delegation 4th Place: Ankeney Centenni… https://t.co/tCBJo3Z9XH
- Sunday Jan 16 - 5:21am

That is a wrap on all of our competing choirs. Up next: Linn-Mar In-Step to perform before final awards! Congrats… https://t.co/JYUgdu7cSp
- Sunday Jan 16 - 4:42am

Finals order: Eternal Rush (on stage at 7:30) New Creation (on stage at 8:00) Westside Delegation (on stage at 8:30… https://t.co/Ojij1kdBgY
- Sunday Jan 16 - 12:49am

EDITED: Linn-Mar Hi-Style will take the stage at 7:00, with 1st Finalist on stage at 7:30 Stay tuned for daytime award results!
- Sunday Jan 16 - 12:30am

Linn-Mar Hi-Style will take the stage at 6:45, with 1st Finalist on stage at 7:15! Stay tuned for daytime award results!
- Sunday Jan 16 - 12:24am

RT @LinnMarChoirs: And we’re off! Here’s our final schedule adjustment. Thanks so much for coming and we can’t wait to see everyone perform…
- Saturday Jan 15 - 6:44pm

Final updated schedule! Follow @LinnMarChoirs for up to date info! https://t.co/IH2xx743CP
- Saturday Jan 15 - 4:12pm

We will keep you posted with schedule changes. Flexibility is the key to this year. Here is an updated schedule to… https://t.co/RiuLzL2E5B
- Friday Jan 14 - 9:55pm

Another slight change to the schedule. It is still looking like a fantastic day! Stay safe out there and see you to… https://t.co/oS5QL7ghCe
- Friday Jan 14 - 5:36pm

We have some updates to the schedule. Here is the most updated info…. See you Saturday! https://t.co/vWXctFZ6JG
- Friday Jan 14 - 2:42am